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Super Bowl Sunday A Deadly Day for Drinking & Driving

The NFL’s Delanie Walker played for the San Francisco 49ers in last year’s Super Bowl. The 49ers lost the game to the Baltimore Ravens. Walker lost even more.

Walker’s aunt and uncle were at the game in New Orleans. On their way home, they stopped at the side of the road and were rear-ended by a drunk driver who was leaving a Super Bowl party. Both vehicles caught on fire. Walker’s Aunt and Uncle died at the scene.

The drunk driver was charged with two counts of vehicular homicide, driving while under the influence, and reckless operation of a vehicle.

Super Bowl Sunday continually ranks as one of the most dangerous times of year for drinking & driving deaths in the U.S. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that 43% of all traffic fatalities on Super Bowl Sunday in 2012 were caused by drunk driving.

If you are hosting a Super Bowl party please ensure guests who have been drinking have a safe way to get home. If you knowingly let an impaired guest drive home and they are involved in an accident you could be liable for damages.

Don’t drink and Drive. #SaveALife

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