Speed Limits to Increase Across B.C.

The province announced that speed limits on multi-lane highways will increase to as high as 120 km/h. B.C. Transportation Minister Todd Stone made the announcement following results from the Rural Highway Safety and Speed Review.

This decision will affect over 30 highways including the Sea-to-Sky, Coquihalla, Island Highway, and Connector.

Stone also announced that new technology will allow for variable speed limits. Variable speed limits will be determined by sensors and radar technology that monitor road conditions. The technology will be tested on stretches of the Trans-Canada and the Sea-to-Sky highways.

Global News has provided a full list of speed limit increases throughout the province. There are no speed limit increases planned for Metro Vancouver.

The province is also launching a new “keep right” campaign to keep slow-moving vehicles in the right lane. In some stretches of highways across the province, new signage and road markings will be introduced advising motorists to pull over if more than five vehicles are following them. Police will also be given more authority to regulate speeds in the passing lane.

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