Slater Vecchio LLP Continues to Pursue Relief for Individuals Impacted by the Lytton Creek Wildfire

Since the Village of Lytton was ravaged by the Lytton Creek Wildfire in June 2021, residents have sought permission to rebuild their town and restore a sense of normalcy. Nearly two years later, no such permission has been granted.

Slater Vecchio LLP is disappointed to hear that the Government of British Columbia has refused to issue any permits to facilitate the reconstruction of buildings in Lytton. Such inaction is a stark reminder of the difficulties that individuals impacted by the Lytton Creek Wildfire have faced every single day for nearly two years, and of those difficulties that they will continue to face for the foreseeable future.

We continue to await the decision by the Supreme Court of British Columbia regarding whether the proposed class action lawsuit on behalf of those impacted by the Lytton Creek Wildfire can proceed to trial.  Until then, we call on the media, government officials and the public to continue shining light on the ongoing obstacles facing those who had their lives upended on that fateful day. To ensure accountability and transparency from those holding the keys to restoring Lytton to its former beauty, we must all ensure that the plight facing Lyttonites never fades from the public eye.

To the people of Lytton, rest assured that we stand with you. We will continue to raise your concerns, voice your frustrations and strive for the rebuilding of your home. We are inspired by your resilience and your courage every single day. Together, we will see Lytton rise from the ashes.

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