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SFU class action lawsuit update (September 2021)

Slater Vecchio LLP’s lawsuit against Simon Fraser University is progressing through the BC provincial court system. This October a court hearing between the plaintiff’s counsel, the defendant’s counsel, and the judge will be meeting to discuss the proposed schedule of the case going forward. The schedule will determine the dates on which the counsels will exchange documents and arguments, as well as plan the certification application hearing date.

This class against Simon Fraser University concerns the data breach that occurred in February 2021. The lawsuit alleges that Simon Fraser University failed to meet the duty of care required of an institution that handles hundreds of thousands of individuals’ personal identifying information. In other words, the lawsuit claims that Simon Fraser University was negligent, and the class members suffered harm due to it. 

This data breach occurred only one year after Simon Fraser University was hit with a ransomware attack in February 2020. Even after this ransomware attack, the personal information of students and faculty was stored on an unencrypted spreadsheet, which is alleged to have led to the data breach. Slater Vecchio LLP is looking for class members in this action. If you received an email from Simon Fraser University stating that your personal information was exposed in the breach, please fill out the form on this page.

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