Protecting Your Privacy in the Age of Social Media

We can’t deny it. Social Media is everywhere.

So it’s more important than ever to protect ourselves in this new social age. Sites like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn connect us with friends, family, colleagues and clients. But did you know that these sites can expose us to a broader, uninvited network?

Content posted on Social Media sites is increasingly being sought out by private investigators as a means to find damaging evidence. ICBC openly admits that their investigators check Facebook for evidence to use against people who are injured in accidents.

Take the time to review your privacy settings on the Social Media sites that you use. Below are a few considerations we encourage you to make:

  • Ensure that you have set the maximum privacy controls for each profile that you have. Photographs, videos and messaging should only be viewable by those closest to you.
  • Be mindful of others who may be posting pictures of you on their own profiles. Ask them to delete anything that makes you uncomfortable.
  • Never accept a “Friend” request or invitation to connect with someone you don’t know personally.

To learn about the privacy settings for some of the more popular Social Media sites, check out the following:

Remember, if you are ever involved in litigation, everything you post might become public. Even the privacy settings will not protect you. Ensure that everything you post presents an accurate picture of who you are. Do not exaggerate or post information or pictures which might embarrass you if they become public.

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