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Bike To Work SV Team
June 7, 2016
Bike to Work Tips from the SV Team
Last week was Bike to Work Week and a crew from Slater Vecchio took part. Led by Aimee, the team cycled a combined total of 440 kilometers in one week. So we asked them about the experience and any tips they could share to help make for a safer daily bike commute. Ilona says: “Cycling…
Brain Injury Awareness
June 2, 2016
Championing Brain Injury Awareness
Five years ago, a young hockey player at the top of his game sustained a couple of heavy blows to his head. The resulting concussion was devastating – sidelining his career and putting his health in serious jeopardy. With June being Brain Injury Awareness Month across Canada, we immediately think of this man’s accomplishments and…
Apps for drunk driving
May 31, 2016
Can Technology Curb Drunk Driving?
There are two things you should never mix with driving: drinking and your cellphone. But is it possible that your phone can actually help eliminate the risks of drinking and driving? There is an app for that! And a few other ways that technology can prevent you from driving while impaired. In Canada, drivers are…
Bike to Work Week Safety Tips
May 26, 2016
Get Ready for Bike to Work Week
Next week kicks off Bike to Work Week across BC. Thousands of Vancouverites take to the city’s streets and bike lanes for their daily commute – here are a few safety tips to use on your daily cycle. Of course, these are things you should consider and utilize every time you pedal your way to…
New BC Distracted Driving Fines coming June 1
May 24, 2016
Stiffer Fines for Distracted Drivers in BC
Are you using your time behind the wheel to do more than just drive? Then distracted driver beware! You’re going to face stiffer penalties for doing so on roads and highways in British Columbia. The provincial government recently announced harsher penalties for distracted driving to curb a number of dangerous driving habits. We love our…
Motorcycle awareness month
May 19, 2016
Be Biker Aware this Motorcycle Season
Did you know that May is Motorcycle Awareness Month? Reading some of the headlines around the province and across the country, though, you might not think that was the case. The month has tragically been marked by a number of deadly accidents. Warmer, sunnier weather brings out the bikers and that means we all need…
Graduation Safety Vancouver
May 17, 2016
Road Safety a Priority for Graduation
Grade 12 students across British Columbia are anxiously counting down the final weeks of the academic calendar and their high school years. No doubt, graduation is a milestone in a young person’s life – a time filled with great anticipation and celebration. Whether it’s the prom or the parties or the graduation ceremony itself, it’s…
NFL Football Brain Injury Conidi
May 12, 2016
Neurologist Tackles NFL Brain Injuries
There’s no denying that the NFL has a serious issue with concussions. After years of trying to sweep it under the rug, they’ve since come around to establishing procedures for dealing with concussed players. But what about the NHL? Is the group that governs the professional league of Canada’s most loved sport playing in the…
Open House Safety
May 10, 2016
Is Your Open House a Safe House?
A man trips and falls in a hole on a driveway and seriously injures himself. He sues the homeowner. The homeowner argues that the hole had been there for years and no one had tripped before. The court rules that, even though the likelihood of injury was small, it did not diminish the danger. The…
Emergency Preparedness Week
May 5, 2016
Getting Emergency Prepared
Are you ready for the Big One? Or what about a small or medium sized one? Chances are, you’re not at all ready for a disaster of any kind. Getting you there is what Emergency Preparedness Week – happening May 1 to 7 across Canada – is all about. Whether it’s an earthquake, a flood,…