NFL Helmet Maker Loses Lawsuit Due to Lack of Warning

A Colorado jury has found NFL helmet maker Riddell negligent in failing to warn the public about the danger of concussions.

The jury awarded $11.5 million to the student who sustained severe brain injuries during a high school football practice in 2008. Riddell was found responsible for 27 percent of the damages, $3.1 million.

The Globe and Mail reports that Rhett Ridolfi suffered a concussion during football practice, but didn’t receive treatment immediately and wasn’t taken to the hospital. As a result, he has severe brain damage and paralysis on his left side.

Jurors rejected all allegations regarding the design and manufacturing of the helmet, finding that Riddell made the most protective headgear for athletes. The helmet makers were found to have failed to properly warn against concussive dangers.

Riddell plans to appeal the jury’s decision.

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