Lawsuit Filed Against Quebec And Canada For Underfunding First Nations Child Welfare System

A class-action lawsuit against the Attorney Generals of Quebec and Canada has been filed by two individuals from Nunavik regarding the child welfare system. The representative plaintiffs allege that the governments of Quebec and Canada were discriminatory as demonstrated by the underfunding and neglect of child welfare services in Nunavik.

Nunavik comprises much of Northern Quebec. Around 90% of the 13,000 inhabitants identify as Inuit. Due to the unique needs of the communities in the area a regional government of Nunavik was established.

The lawsuit alleges that systemic underfunding and neglect by the provincial and federal governments of Quebec and Canada failed children who are or previously were involved in the child welfare system. The lawsuit further claims that due to systemic underfunding many families were subjected to separation, children were left vulnerable and exposed to abuse and neglect within the child welfare system.

Both representative plaintiffs in this action were taken from their mothers at a young age and placed into the foster care system.

The Application for Authorization references a Human Rights Commission report regarding child and youth protection services in Nunavik. The report concluded that the child welfare system in Nunavik was plagued by staff shortages, a lack of funding, and a lack of consistent investigations in reports of abuse.

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