How Motorists Can Protect Cyclists on the Road

A drunk motorist struck and killed a cyclist in Toronto this week. According to the Montreal Gazette, this incident comes two weeks after Toronto architect and cyclist Roger du Toit died following a collision with an SUV.

The Canadian Institute for Health Information noted that Canadian cyclists injured in motorist accidents resulted in 3,155 emergency room visits in 2012-13. According to ICBC, 1500 BC cyclists were injured in 2013 resulting in 13 fatalities.

It is important for motorists to keep safety in mind while sharing the streets with cyclists this summer. Here are a few things to remember:

  1. Motorists should never honk their horns at cyclists unless they are doing so for safety reasons. Startled cyclists may lose control of their bicycles and could get injured.
  2. Motorists making right turns must check their mirrors and blind spots to ensure there are no cyclists attempting to go past them.
  3. Motorists should allow cyclists a safe space to ride on the street.
  4. Neighbourhoods are full of new and young cyclists. Motorists must exercise extra caution while travelling through residential areas.
  5. Motorists should pass cyclists without forcing them off the road. Motorists should also slow down while passing cyclists making sure not to alarm them.

As the summer days get longer, cyclists are dusting off their spokes and riding Vancouver’s streets. Motorists must do their part to protect cyclists on the streets, roads and highways.

For more information:

  • ICBC Quick Statistics, ICBC 

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