Hiking this Summer? Make Sure You’re Prepared

Every year, search and rescue groups respond to dozens of calls on lost or injured hikers. The Province reports a hiker who recently fell nearly 100 meters off a North Shore Crown Mountain trail. Although suffering from a broken femur and tibia, he is more fortunate than many in that situation. Even though this group wasn’t out of bounds, accidents happen. As the weather gets warmer and hiking boots replace ski boots, it’s important to follow all safety regulations and warnings while travelling the trails.

June 2 marked National Trails Day, and it’s worthwhile to get outdoors and enjoy nature’s beautiful scenery. Vancouver Trails and Washington Trails Association offer these tips to help you plan for a great hike:

  • Bring extra food and water,
  • Chose a trail that works with your physical abilities,
  • Don’t hike alone, and tell someone else where you’re going,
  • Be bear aware,
  • Wear good, comfortable shoes and extra clothing,
  • Take a map or GPS with you.

Not sure if it’s worth taking all the gear? Our North Shore hiker was saved by the group’s emergency locator beacon, RCMP state. So whether it’s a race up the Grouse Grind or a trek through the West Coast Trail, have fun and stay safe on every trail.

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