Drunk Driver Pleads With Public from Jail

“Please, please, don’t drink and drive,” pleads Natasha Warren after she was sentenced to 37 months in jail for killing 22-year-old Kassandra Kaulius while driving drunk in May 2011. Warren was also banned from driving for eight years.

In a letter of apology to the Kaulius family, Warren acknowledges the mistake she made and the impact it has on the family. She pleads with the general public to not drink and drive. “Don’t think that what happens to other people won’t happen to you,” warns Warren. “If you drink and drive a tragedy can, will, and does happen to anyone… families are destroyed and will never be the same again.”

Warren knows that an apology will never be enough for the family and only her actions can convey her remorse and preserve Kassandra’s memory. After she is released from jail, she intends to speak to others to inform and warn them about the dangers of drinking and driving.

While there is a stronger emphasis put on getting home safely around the holidays, it’s important not to drink and drive at any time during the year. It can change lives in an instant. If you drink, please don’t drive. Always plan a safe ride home. You may save your life and someone else’s.

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