Defiant Left Lane Drivers Face Heavy Fines

BC Drivers clogging highway passing lanes will face hefty fines and penalties.

“Drivers who won’t move over can impede traffic and contribute to crashes. This new rule makes it clear who should travel in the left lane, and when, promoting safety on our highways,” said Transportation Minister Todd Stone in a CBC article. “It’s going to take time and it is going to take a coordinated effort,” Stone added.

No one likes a left lane blocker according to DriveSmartBC. They take over the left lane and are oblivious to surrounding traffic. They wrongly believe if they are driving the speed limit, there is no need for them to share the passing lane with others.

Studies show regularly driving in the left lane causes traffic congestion and encourages dangerous driving and tailgating behaviour.

The new legislation states that drivers must stick to the right unless:

  • they are overtaking another vehicle,
  • moving left to allow traffic to merge,
  • preparing for a left-hand turn,
  • moving left to pass an official vehicle displaying a flashing light, or
  • if it is unsafe to use the right lane or during rush hour when driving speeds drop down to under 50 km/h.

Reckless drivers breaking the new laws can be fined $167 and have three demerit points on their license.

For more information:

  • Left Lane Blockers, DriveSmartBC
  • Left-lane hogs target of new B.C. legislation, CBC

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