Crash Course for BC Drivers

In BC there is a car crash nearly every 2 minutes. It’s costly and can be devastating for some families. Just last year, ICBC paid out nearly $4 billion in injury and vehicle damage claims. And the year before, 300 people died on our roads.

If you think things are getting worse, you’re right. ICBC reported a 23% increase in crashes between 2013 and 2016. A lot of that is because there are more cars and people on the roads and too many drivers let themselves get distracted by their electronic devices.

Driver attitude is also a factor. A recent survey showed that 99% of BC drivers think they’re good or excellent drivers. But 75% had wrong answers on a road test quiz. Another 20% admitted they were aggressive drivers, and a third said they bend the rules when they think there’s no one else around. These are not the traits of excellent drivers.

So what can you do to make our roads safer?

The number one thing is to follow the rules. That means no speeding, no reckless driving, and never allowing yourself to become distracted by an electronic device. No text or tweet is worth a crash. Driving requires your full attention. You have to be cautious and alert when behind the wheel. Be aware of what’s going on around you and keep your focus on driving.

If you have kids that are approaching their driving years, there are two things you can do. First, be a good example. They learn from your habits – good and bad – whether you’re aware of that or not. Second, send them to an accredited driving school. They’ll learn proper driving techniques, avoid your bad habits, and they might even teach you a thing or two.

We all have a responsibility to be better drivers so our roads are safer and fewer families are hurt. Do your part and help make BC roads safer for everyone.

For more information

  • Motor vehicle crashes in B.C. jumped 23 percent in three years, says ICBC, Vancouver Sun
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