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Food Poisoning

Understanding Food Poisoning: Recovery Timeline and Tips
Food poisoning is an ordeal nobody wants to endure. Its duration and severity can vary significantly...
Canadian Recall Alert: Enfamil Baby Formula Recalled Due to Bacterial Contamination Risks
On December 31, 2023, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency recalled Nutramigen A+ LGG Hypoallergenic infant...
Malichita Brand Cantaloupes Recalled: Salmonella Outbreak Alert
The BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) and regional health authorities are investigating an ongoing...
California Woman Loses Limbs to Bacterial Infection After Consuming Undercooked Fish
In a startling incident, a 40-year-old California woman, Laura Barajas, had to undergo amputation of...
Man Dies After Contracting Vibrio From Raw Oysters
A Missouri man has passed away after eating raw oysters contaminated with a flesh-eating bacteria known...
Potential Hepatitis A Outbreak at Vancouver McDonald’s
Vancouver Coastal Health has issued a warning about a potential Hepatitis A exposure at the McDonald’s...

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