Athol Murray College of Notre Dame Students Report Institutional Abuse

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Several former Athol Murray College of Notre Dame students have reported experiencing abuse while attending the institution in the 1980s.

It all began when Todd Tisdale told TSN about his experiences in 1986 at the institution, including sexual, bodily, and psychological attacks.

“As soon as I arrived, I was exposed to the hazing culture”, according to Tisdale. “It first began with modest tasks like fetching an older student a chocolate milk or carrying their clothing to the laundromat, but things rapidly became odd.”

Tim Tisdale, who attended the school the year before, claimed he was unaware of any assault claims.

More than ten former students have been in touch with Tisdale since he originally revealed the allegations to TSN in December, according to Tisdale, who claims they have encountered similar situations while attending Notre Dame.

Tisdale filed a statement of claim against the school in 2018, alleging that the continuous alleged assaults were the result of the school’s carelessness.

The statement of claim claims that the sexual and physical assaults, mental and emotional abuse, and associated injuries were brought about by Notre Dame’s carelessness, violation of trust, and breach of fiduciary responsibility. Tisdale suffered severe, long-lasting, and irreversible injuries, including chronic post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, drug and alcohol addiction, and self-injury. The school currently denies all allegations of the events described by Tisdale.

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