A local Vancouver company has begun selling a helmet sticker, BrainShield, designed to prevent concussions. According to The Vancouver Sun, BrainShield is compatible with all helmets, and it has the potential to reduce head injuries for sports teams, cyclists and motorcycle riders.

“It can significantly reduce the sharp twisting and compression of the brain,” said Daniel Abram, the company’s chief technology and operating officer. It acts like a seatbelt for the brain to prevent or reduce concussions.

According to their Kickstarter site, the majority of helmets are designed, tested, and certified for compression force only. However, almost all head impacts cause severe twisting and rotational acceleration in addition to brain compression.

The BrainShield helmet patch is made of micro-engineered layers that divert angled impacts reducing the rotational acceleration that causes concussions.

The BrainShield sticker can be made into any team logo and costs $50. The sticker needs to be replaced each year. Some BC secondary schools are already using them. As the Kickstarter video says, “A BrainShield sticker is disposable. Your brain is not.”

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