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Child Safety

More on Child Car Seat Safety
Child car seat safety is once again in the news. As of January 1st, the state of California requires...
Street Sense for Our Kids
Last September, we took a moment to remind parents of the importance of teaching street sense to our...
Protect Your Passengers!
Last post, Mike commented on the duty of care owed by drivers to protect their passengers. This duty...
Buckle Up!
Do you always ensure that your passengers are wearing a seat belt? If not, you may be at fault for your...
Add Concussion Awareness to Your Pre-Game Checklist
In an earlier post, James Richards comments on some of the issues surrounding concussions, kids, and...
Street Sense & Child Safety
People across the province are giving a collective sigh of relief as they learn of 3-year-old Kienan...
Concussions, Kids & Sport
The issues surrounding head trauma in sport is an increasingly hot topic these days. We recently posted...
New Developments in Child Car Seat Safety
In response to an article posted at On April 25th, we commented on child seat safety...
Is a Child's Waiver of Liability Binding When Signed by a Parent?
Last week, we commented on a recent court case where plaintiffs Deanna Loychuk and Danielle Westgeest...
Should Parents be Charged if Kids Aren't Wearing a Bike Helmet?
In response to an article in Globe Life. The Globe and Mail recently reported that on April 30th, a nine-year-old...

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