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Consumers enter into hundreds, or even thousands, of consumer and financial transactions every year. However, not all transactions are free of unfair business practices. Consumers need legal recourse for defective products, misrepresentations, unfair contracts, denied insurance claims, and fraudulent business practices.

Slater Vecchio has over 20 years of litigation experience. This includes experience with products liability, consumer protection, and contracts cases. Additionally, Slater Vecchio has particular experience holding insurers to account.

Some common types of consumer disputes in Canada are:

Plaintiffs may hold companies accountable for damages caused by negligent design or manufacturing of a product, or failure to warn consumers of potential risks.

Plaintiffs may hold companies to account for wrongdoing towards consumers including deceptive and unfair practices by companies selling products and services in a wide range of circumstances.

Plaintiffs may hold companies accountable for failing to deliver goods, failing to provide promised services, refusing to honor warranties, misrepresenting the quality of products or work, or missing deadlines.

Plaintiffs may hold insurers accountable for denying claims that are covered under a contract of insurance. Insurance contracts can be ambiguous, and plaintiffs require help interpreting them.

Plaintiffs may hold fiduciaries to account when those fiduciaries do not act in a plaintiff’s best interests. Some business relationships involve a fiduciary duty on the part of the service provider. When a service provider has a fiduciary duty, they have a duty to put a client’s interests first.

Plaintiffs may hold banks, credit card companies, and investment funds to account when they have been the victims of unfair practices, overbilling, or fraudulent practices.

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