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Miracle Child Gives Hope for Treating Brain Injuries

A young girl from Arkansas is proving to be a miracle of modern science. The toddler has twice defied the odds and is now giving new hope for treatment and recovery from severe brain injuries. In January of 2016, Eden Carlson nearly drowned in her family’s swimming pool. After close to 15 minutes in the…
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Swim Safety for Kids

Last one in is a rotten egg! Summer’s here and there’s nothing like a dip in the water to cool off on a hot day. But whether it’s at a local lake or a backyard pool, a drowning tragedy can happen in seconds. Parents and kids need to remember that when it comes to water…
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Cold Water Kills

There is nothing like a nice swim in BC’s beautiful clear lakes, rivers and seashores to cool off from the summer heat. But there can be a danger lurking in even the most pristine waters. According to The Province, just this past week, the deep, frigid waters of Harrison Lake claimed a young life for…
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