RCMP Constable Mark Maddex is driving southbound on a four lane highway near Parksville, B.C. He is using radar to monitor the speed of oncoming traffic. There are no vehicles travelling close behind (at least 10 to 15 car lengths). He is travelling 80 km/h in the right passing lane of the highway.

Maddex’s radar picks up an oncoming truck speeding at 126 km/h. He decides to pursue the driver. Maddex turns on his emergency lights and gradually slows to make a U-turn to apprehend the driver of the speeding truck.

Drivers beware. RCMP and police across the province have launched a distracted driving campaign for February.

The penalties remain the same. Drivers caught using an electronic device will pay a fine of $167. Drivers who text or email while driving will also receive three driver penalty points.

Drivers in the Graduated Licence Program may not use any electronic device – not even a hands-free device.