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How Physiotherapy Can Help with Injury Recovery

Getting injured in a car crash can often lead to long-term pain and physical problems that seem almost impossible to recover from. But thanks to the wonderful treatment of physiotherapists, there are many ways to manage, alleviate, or overcome the pain of a car accident injury. Here are a few ways physiotherapists can help. 1…
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Physiotherapy Speeds Up Concussion Recovery

A new study from the University of Calgary finds that physiotherapy is beneficial to those suffering from lingering concussion symptoms. The study, conducted by Dr. Kathryn Schneider of the University’s Sport Injury Prevention Center, focused on experimental treatment of the inner ear and the neck vertebrae in concussed athletes. Schneider says most individuals recover from…
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Prehabilitation – Preventing Injuries Before They Occur

The Globe and Mail’s Health Advisor column presents an interesting idea. What if you visit your physiotherapist before getting injured as a way to prevent future pain and suffering? We see the dentist every six months to prevent unwanted dental problems. So why not do the same for our orthopaedic health? It’s a concept called…
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