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Winter Driving: If Only She Knew

A Terrible Tragedy On a cold February day, the snow is blowing across the highway. The visibility is poor and the road is a sheet of ice. A car stops in the middle of the highway, and a truck doesn’t see it before it is too late. It crashes into the car, killing the driver,…
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How Physiotherapy Can Help with Injury Recovery

Getting injured in a car crash can often lead to long-term pain and physical problems that seem almost impossible to recover from. But thanks to the wonderful treatment of physiotherapists, there are many ways to manage, alleviate, or overcome the pain of a car accident injury. Here are a few ways physiotherapists can help. 1…
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UFC Fighter Announces Retirement, Chooses Health Over Brain Injury

So much attention on traumatic brain injury in sports and yet, surprisingly, we don't often hear of it in connection with mixed martial arts. MMA is a full contact combat sport. It involves violent strikes to the head, as well as aggressive wrestling maneuvers. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is said to be the fastest…
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