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Driving and Marijuana: A Dangerous Combination?

A recent study in BC showed that among frequent marijuana users, 80% of men and 75% of women admitted to driving after consuming marijuana in the previous month. While some will claim they are “better drivers” when they’re high, evidence says otherwise. According to that same study “acute marijuana use approximately doubles the rate of…
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New Year’s Resolutions to Keep

                                Start off the New Year with Resolutions for a safer 2015: I will not use my mobile device while driving: It’s time to put your phone down while driving. No message is more important than someone’s life. I will…
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Supervising an ‘L’ or ‘N’ Driver? Don’t Drink!

A 64-year-old grandfather was charged with impaired driving after letting his grandson, a learner driver, get behind the wheel. Peter Norman had a few beers while gardening with friends. Later in the day, Norman's grandson asked if he could drive to a nearby store for groceries. On their way back, they were stopped at an…
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