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Time For a Hockey Helmet Makeover?

Football has adopted a new standardized system for rating a helmet’s effectiveness in protecting against concussions. It has been credited with helping parents and players make better decisions about what helmets are best at reducing concussion risks. The new standard is a five-point rating scale called the STAR system. It was developed by scientists and…
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8 Reasons Why Kids Should Play Contact Sports

Should you enroll your kids in contact sports? It’s a question more and more parents are struggling to answer. Not surprising, given the vast body of research highlighting the dangers of concussions and head injuries in youth sports. While our national hockey teams have proven their dominance at the international level, recent surveys have found…
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The ‘Holy Grail’ of CTE Research?

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is the degenerative brain disease diagnosed in an increasing number of ex-NFL football players. It's linked to depression and dementia. There is no cure. Until now, CTE has only been diagnosed in post-mortem autopsies. A diagnosis is made when an examination of the brain reveals a buildup of an abnormal protein call…
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