What do you think the fine for distracted driving should be? Should distracted drivers have their cars impounded and receive roadside suspensions similar to drunk drivers?

Texting while driving is a bigger hazard than drunk drivers. Canada’s CTV News reported that 47 out of the 177 deaths on the province on Ontario’s highways in 2013 involved distracted drivers, compared to 32 killed in alcohol impaired driving-related incidents.

Distracted driving is the second-leading cause of deadly car crashes in BC.

Distracted Driver Fines

Currently, BC drivers ticketed for distracted driving are charged a $167 fine and issued three penalty points, the second lowest penalty in Canada.

Fines in Nova Scotia were raised from $176 to $234 for a first offence, and from $350 to $579 for any additional offences. Ontario’s maximum distracted driver fine is $1000.