Slater Vecchio's 10 Most-Read Blog Posts. Ever. - Slater Vecchio

Slater Vecchio’s 10 Most-Read Blog Posts. Ever.

As we step into the New Year we thought it a good idea to reflect on the past. Check out our top 10 most-read blog posts with helpful tips and reminders for a safe and successful 2014…

10. Concussions in Soccer – a reminder not to overlook the risk of brain injuries in non-contact sports like soccer.

9.  Suing a Municipality? Remember the 2 month rule – those suing a negligent city or municipality have only two months to give written notice. Failure to do so might mean a loss of compensation for injuries even if the city/municipality is at fault.

8.  Get Ready for the Ski & Snowboard Season – a must read for safety on the slopes (let’s hope our local mountains get some snow in 2014!).

7.  Is a Child’s Waiver of Liability Binding When Signed by a Parent? – actually, no. Not necessarily. The Infants Act says a parent or guardian may not bind a minor to a release agreement.

6.  The Slip & Fall – Who’s To Blame? – an elderly woman is shopping at a Real Canadian Superstore. She turns left to pass a display pallet of dishwasher detergent, catches her foot on the corner of the pallet, falls and breaks her hip…Who’s to blame?

5.  Homeowners Beware: Are your Contractors Insured? – in this post we remind homeowners that anyone working on their property for more than 48 hours must have insurance coverage with WorkSafe BC. It’s the homeowner’s responsibility to register uninsured workers, pay their premiums, and provide a safe and healthy work environment.

4.  Michael Slater Wins “Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year” – Mike Slater won this honour back in 2011. And the recognition continued. In 2012, founding partner Tony Vecchio was appointed Queen’s Counsel. Then in 2013, Slater Vecchio was voted a top 10 personal injury law firm by Canadian Lawyer Magazine.

3.  Car Seats Bought in USA – the cost-savings are a major draw, but in this post we remind parents that it’s illegal to import and use child seats that do not comply with Canadian standards.

2. Drinking Driving Facts & Statistics – drinking and driving remains a major problem on our roads today. So we’re glad people are listening to our blog posts covering this ongoing issue.

1.  Winter Tire Laws in BC – September rolls around and this becomes one of the most visited pages on our entire site. We added more information on winter tire laws this past Fall: Do I Need Winter Tires in Rainy Vancouver?

Any topics you’d like us to review in 2014? Let us know. We’re listening.

Slater Vecchio

Slater Vecchio

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