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Safety Tricks for Halloween

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Halloween is here again. Soon the streets will come alive with ghosts, goblins, and all sorts of colourfully clad critters. Here are a few things to keep your kids safe as they hit the streets in search of goodies.


First, choose the right costume. The most important thing is to be seen. Wear bright coloured costumes or add reflective tape. Make sure to carry a flashlight (no candles or open flames). It’s also important to see. Avoid masks if possible (the eye holes can be restrictive). Use make-up or face paint instead. And pick a costume that fits well and is flame resistant.

The police also advise caution for costumes with weapons, such as guns or swords. Some people have mistaken them for the real thing, so chose ones that are easily recognized as harmless.

Trick or treating

Don’t let your kids trick or treat alone. Young kids should travel with an adult and older kids should be in a group. It’s best to stay in a neighbourhood you know. Only go to houses that are lit and welcome trick-or-treaters and never go inside someone’s house.

Stick to a designated route and time to go out, with a plan to leave and return early. Once home, check all treats before eating them. Never eat anything that has been unwrapped or looks like it has been tampered with.

Halloween for adults

If you’re out driving on Halloween night, keep an eye out for kids on the streets. Reduce your speed in residential areas.

Halloween is no longer just for kids. Many adults enjoy dressing up and attending costume parties. If your idea of a Halloween treat includes alcohol, make sure you plan ahead and get home safely. Don’t drink and drive!

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