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Rick Hansen Launches New Accessibility App Designed for World Venues

It’s been 25 years since B.C. legend Rick Hansen completed his Man in Motion tour. Wheeling this time across Canada, Hansen works to raise awareness for those suffering from spinal cord injuries and create a truly accessible world. The 25th Anniversary tour recreates his journey on the original Man in Motion tour and involves over 7000 participant in more than 600 communities across the nation and touches a global audience.

To mark this occasion, the Rick Hansen Foundation has launched a new free mobile app that lets users rank venue accessibility. Called Planat, it works by allowing users to rank venues based on five criteria:

  • Accessible entrance,
  • Venue pathway,
  • Access to main venue functions,
  • Accessible washrooms, and
  • Quality of service for disabled clients.

There are currently 16 nations involved with creating a database for users. Built on Google Maps navigation, the app will be able to point users to the nearest accessible venues. “We deliberately built into the web-site a very good functionality around searching so you can search by different types of venues, by the name, where it’s located, as well as by accessibility information,” says Planat director Dan DeBeyer.

Rick was 15 when he was thrown out of the back of a friend’s truck on the way home from a fishing trip. Paralyzed from the waist down, Rick decided that following rehabilitation he would train to become an Olympic athlete. ┬áHe went on to win 19 wheelchair marathons and six Olympic medals for Canada in the 1980 and 1984 Olympic Games.

The Rick Hansen Foundation has raised over $250 million has been raised for spinal cord injury research.

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