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The freedom motorcycle riders enjoy leave them exposed to dangers and injury not faced by other motorists. Accidents are always an unfortunate event, but when a motorcyclist is involved the outcome is almost always significantly worse than an accident involving two vehicles.

Motorcycle accidents are often caused by:

  • A driver’s failure to see the motorcyclist
  • Other drivers not knowing how to share the road with motorcyclists
  • Driving without proper care and attention
  • Drivers disobeying traffic signals and rules

We Can Help

Injuries arising in motorcycle cases can be very serious and can lead to steep medical bills, loss of wages, disability, and severe pain and suffering.

To recover the compensation you are entitled to as a victim of a negligent motorcycle accident, contact a lawyer at Slater Vecchio today.

Slater Vecchio Motorcyclist Accident Cases
Best v. Thomas, 2014 BCSC 1033$2.7 million
Frers v. De Moulin, 2002 BCSC 40800$1.5 million