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Your ICBC Claim

Dealing with ICBC is one of the biggest stresses you’ll face after a car accident or serious injury. Our team of lawyers and case managers are here to ease your worry and fight on your behalf.

We know how ICBC claims work.

That’s why working with a personal injury lawyer from Slater Vecchio is in your best interest. Our team has the information and experience to handle your claim with the attention to detail and quality of service to give you peace of mind.

On top of that, our team of case managers know all about ICBC claims and work hard to resolve them in your favour. Many of our case managers have first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of ICBC and are skilled and experienced at navigating and negotiating through the process.

We can help with:

  • Reviewing your legal rights and the grounds for your case
  • Knowing when and how to make an ICBC claim
  • Reporting an accident through the ICBC dial-a-claim
  • Understanding Part 7 benefits
  • Assessing the potential value of your claim
  • Providing access to expert medical reports and rehabilitation services
  • Building a strategy for the best possible legal outcome
  • Representing your interests in court
  • Negotiating with ICBC
  • Ensuring you are backed by a team of legal professionals focused on your rights and needs

When it comes to your case, we have only one goal in mind – maximizing your recovery.

Contact an ICBC lawyer at Slater Vecchio now to discuss your personal injury case and file your claim.