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What are ICBC Part 7 Benefits?

In British Columbia, no-fault insurance is commonly referred to as accident benefits or ICBC Part 7 benefits. These benefits may be available to any party to an accident, regardless of who is at fault.

The term no-fault insurance can be misleading and is often interpreted to mean that no one is at fault for the accident. In actuality, there is always a determination of fault in an accident.

In order to be entitled to Part 7 benefits you must be an “insured” under Part 7 of the Regulation. Generally, this means you must be either be:

  • An owner of an ICBC insured vehicle;ICBC no fault part seven benefits
  • A member of the vehicle owner’s household;
  • A resident of BC who has been properly issued a valid driver’s license and members of that persons household;
  • An occupant of a vehicle licensed in BC;
  • An occupant of a vehicle not required to be licensed in BC, but is operated by a person properly issued a valid BC driver’s license;
  • A cyclist or pedestrian who collides with an ICBC insured vehicle; or
  • A resident of BC who is entitled to bring an action as a result of a hit-and-run or accident with an under-insured motorist.

Part 7 benefits include:

  • Medical and rehabilitative benefits;
  • Disability benefits for employed persons;
  • Homemaker benefits; and
  • Death benefits.

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