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Getting Personal with Aimee King

Aimee King Personal Injury Lawyer Vancouver

Ten years ago, a bright young lawyer walked into our firm and wowed us with her smarts, integrity, and compassion. Today, Aimee King continues to wow us and everyone she works with. Now with a family, a dog, and a busy personal injury law practice at Slater Vecchio, Aimee’s achieved a lot in the past decade – with exceptional client service always at the core of everything she does.

Aimee sat down with us to talk about her approach to client service, what makes her tick, and how she strikes the right balance in her work and her life.

SV: What drew you to personal injury law?

AK: I feel good knowing that my work makes a difference in people’s lives. I can also see the impact that I can make every day – in meetings with people or on phone calls. Just listening to people’s problems and trying to find solutions. That’s what it’s about.

SV: What’s your approach to cases?

AK:  I always start by listening to my client. As a personal injury lawyer, you have to understand their losses as they see them before you can even start building the case. And you have to treat each case individually. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to injury cases.

SV: What benefits do you find in working on a team?

AK: I like working in a team because it’s really valuable to be able to bounce ideas off each other and to have a second check on the case to make sure we’re not missing anything. Sometimes you get too attached to a case and it’s hard to assess a case objectively when you’re tackling it on your own.

SV: What are some of your tips for balancing a career and motherhood?

AK: Balancing career and motherhood is hard, especially since my career can be quite demanding. There are some long hours and the work follows you everywhere and all the time. The hardest thing to deal with is the guilt. I feel guilty when I’m at work and I feel guilty when I’m at home.

I think that’s something that all parents deal with. So I just tell myself that I’m doing the best I can to provide for my children and to set a good example of being independent and strong. I do feel lucky to be able to have a career and family. But it’s also important to set time aside for myself to do things like running.

SV: And speaking of running, how often do you run and why do you love running?

AK: I run about three times per week. Twice a week I run home and then I usually have a longer run on the weekend. There are many reasons why I love running. I feel healthier and more energetic, I can eat whatever I want, it’s easy to just put on shoes and go outside, and it helps me clear my mind.

Aside from all that, I run to feel that “runner’s high.” I still remember the first time I felt it. It was a cold clear day and I was running with a Sun Run training group out on the dyke in Richmond. We were pushing ourselves and I was feeling tired but then all of a sudden, it felt like I just got this second wind and I wasn’t tired anymore. It was exhilarating and I felt like I could run forever. What an absolutely perfect moment! I don’t get that feeling all the time and there are days when the whole run feels like a huge effort, but I always feel good in the end.

Aimee’s love of running has taken her far. In fact, last year she completed her first marathon, hitting the streets of Chicago for 42 pavement-pounding kilometers. You can read about that adventure here.

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