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Have you been injured in a serious car crash? Turn to us for legal help. Serving injury and crash victims in British Columbia since 1998, our top priority is to work in your best interest to maximize your recovery.

Whether you are caught in the hustle and bustle of downtown, driving on a quiet residential road, or cruising on the highway, car crashes can happen to anyone, at anytime. Car accidents happen for a variety of reasons and are often caused by the negligence of another driver.

 Accidents can be caused by negligent drivers who:

  • Drive too fast or too slow
  • Drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Drive while distracted
  • Fail to signal when turning
  • Drive without considering weather and traffic conditions
  • Disobey traffic signs or signals

Sometimes car crashes are not caused by other drivers but rather by:

A defective product

In these cases, automobile manufacturers or suppliers may be responsible for injuries caused.

A mechanic who improperly repairs a vehicle

In these cases the mechanic and repair shop may be responsible for the injuries caused.

A host who allows their guest to drive home while intoxicated

A bar or social host may responsible for injuries caused by an intoxicated guest that gets into a car and drives.

Poorly maintained roads and road infrastructure
In these cases, Local and Federal Governments or private companies may be responsible for the injuries caused due to:

  • malfunctioning traffic control signals
  • improper design
  • insufficient maintenance
  • hazardous construction
  • inadequate signage
  • lighting or other highway defect
  • improper striping on the road’s passing lanes
  • a sharp obstruction or problem with the roadway that obstructs drivers’ vision
  • poorly placed trees and utility poles.

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As a victim of a car accident you may be entitled to recover money as compensation for your damages. Our Vancouver personal injury lawyers have a genuine passion in assisting our clients with their accident claims.

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Slater Vecchio Car Crash and Collision Cases

Case Result
Chabot v. Chaube, 2014 BCSC 300 $425,025
Bains v. Brar, 2013 BCSC 1828 $1.3 million
Kerr v. Paterson, BCSC 2007, M033506 $2.4 million
Roussin v. Bouzenad, 2005 BCSC 1719 $1.3 million
Fox v. Danis, 2005 BCSC 102 $1 million
Spehar (Guardian ad litem of) v. Beazley, 2004 BCSC 926 $5.1 million
Frers v. De Moulin, 2002 BCSC 408 $734,340
Heringa v. Mah, 2000 BCCA 490 $4.5 million
Terracciano (Guardian ad litem of) v. Etheridge, 1997 BCSC, B943125 $2.7 million
Sammartino v. Hiebert, 1996 BCSC, B822857 $2 million
Mazzuca v. Alexakis, 1994 BCSC, B905414 $973,301


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