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Childproof Your Kitchen

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Parents have a lot of worries when it comes to home safety for their kids. But there’s one room in the house that provides both nourishment and danger – the kitchen. It’s full of knives, burners, and interesting places for kids to climb around and explore.

We continue our series of helpful tips for childproofing your home. Last time we visited the living room. This time we get things cooking in the kitchen. Here are some ideas to childproof your kitchen.

Think like a kid

Kids have active imaginations and they’re naturally curious. To them, the kitchen is a fascinating world of potential toys and adventures. Just as in the living room, get down low and look for places that would catch their eye or cause harm. A cupboard door, a drawer full of knives, or a fancy espresso machine all look like fun times to a kid but they pose real danger. Also watch for climbing opportunities like kitchen counters and shelves. Keep them clear and free of anything than can be pulled down.

Lock ‘em up

Latches and locks can help secure cabinet doors where household chemicals and cleaning supplies are stored. It’s easy access for you, but dangerous for curious little hands and minds. Use one of the many types of childproof locks to keep them safely locked away.

Keep a sharp eye

The kitchen is also full of sharp edges so make sure you store knives, blades, and things like food-processors in latched drawers or high cabinets. The same goes for other kitchen utensils like peelers or graters. Anything sharp should be treated like a knife and kept away from tiny hands.

Move to higher ground

Make sure to move your toaster, coffeemaker, or any other electrical appliance out of reach. Keep them unplugged and hide the cords when they’re not in use. Also make sure your glassware, dishes, and fine china are stored up high. Tumbling glass is a shattering danger for everyone. Use your lower cabinets to store more harmless items like plastic containers, wooden spoons, or kid-friendly food items.

Beat the heat

Never leave your stove or oven unattended when it is on or just after using it. Wait until it is cooled. When in use, stick to the back burners and make sure all handles for pots and pans are turned inward and away from reaching little hands. When it comes to the sink, look at installing an anti-scalding device for your faucet or set your water heater to a lower temperature. And just like the stove, never leave hot food or beverages unattended. It only takes a moment for a child to seriously burn themselves.


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