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Tinder Logo
May 27, 2021
Tinder Facing Allegations of Manipulating Individuals to Purchase Premium Features
Should a business unduly influence an individual’s choices without their awareness? Should a business be able to discriminate based on age? Online dating service, Tinder, is under fire after allegedly unknowingly orchestrating the app’s algorithm so that users are persuaded into buying premium features and for possibly charging individuals different prices for premium features based…
Facebook Privacy Breach
April 27, 2021
Facebook hit by another data breach
Recently, Facebook announced that its user’s information was scraped from their databases back in 2019. This scraping of data has led to millions of user’s personal information at risk and has increased the potential for personal losses and identity theft. In response, Slater Vecchio LLP has filed a class action lawsuit covering all Canadians that…
pokemon go accidents
July 14, 2016
Stop, Drop, and Pokemon Go?
Pokemon Go is all the rage. The augmented reality game has taken off around the world with people tracking down “Poke Stops” and collecting Pokemon characters on their smartphones. But it has come with some undesired, even dangerous side effects. Combining a video game with a real-world scavenger hunt, the objective is to get out…
social media and personal injury cases
August 3, 2015
Social Media and Personal Injury Claims
Are you involved in a personal injury claim? Are you active on Social Media platforms? The Case A recent BC Supreme Court decision, (Tambosso v. Holmes, 2015 BCSC 359), provides a reminder of how courts may interpret social media posts that appear to contradict an injury claim. The Plaintiff, Sarah Tambosso, testified that her life…
December 31, 2014
New Year’s Resolutions to Keep
                                Start off the New Year with Resolutions for a safer 2015: I will not use my mobile device while driving: It’s time to put your phone down while driving. No message is more important than someone’s life. I will…
September 25, 2012
Protect Your Kids From Cyberbullies
Over half of teens have been bullied online or engaged in online bullying. One in three young adults has experienced cyber threats. Gone are the days where bullying was mainly confined to schoolyard taunts or fights. Digital media has introduced new ways for people to connect. From Facebook chat, to text messaging, emailing, MSN messenger,…
May 14, 2012
Facebook – Only Half the Picture
At the end of March 2012, there were over 900 million active Facebook users. 300 million photos are added to Facebook every day. From family vacations, outings with friends, or just things you find interesting, Facebook is a great place to share your life. It is easy to upload and tag photos from anywhere. These…
December 13, 2011
Court Says No to Fishing on Facebook, Twitter
The role of Facebook in BC Courtrooms is once again in the headlines. In Dosangh v. Leblanc and St. Paul’s Hospital, a woman is suing doctors and support staff for damages suffered during open heart surgery. The plaintiff says that preventable complications during the surgery caused a stroke that left her with permanent mental and…
August 17, 2011
Vacation Photos Used in Court
We recently commented on the role that Facebook is playing in courts across Canada. More and more, parties involved in lawsuits are pulling content from Facebook to either prove or disprove a claim. This is occurring despite privacy rights and settings. But did you know that your private life can be exposed in court through…
June 29, 2011
Judges Turn to Facebook
Last week, we commented on the importance of managing your privacy settings on Social Media sites like Facebook. This week, I want to highlight the increasing role that Facebook is playing in Canadian courts. To get a better sense of the overall trend, consider the following statistics: in 2010, Facebook is referenced 25 times in…