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Stop, Drop, and Pokemon Go?
pokemon go accidents
Pokemon Go is all the rage. The augmented reality game has taken off around the world with people tracking down “Poke Stops” and collecting Pokemon characters on their smartphones. But it has come with some undesired, even dangerous side effects. Combining a video game with a real-world scavenger hunt, the objective is to get out…
Social Media and Personal Injury Claims
social media and personal injury cases
Are you involved in a personal injury claim? Are you active on Social Media platforms? The Case A recent BC Supreme Court decision, (Tambosso v. Holmes, 2015 BCSC 359), provides a reminder of how courts may interpret social media posts that appear to contradict an injury claim. The Plaintiff, Sarah Tambosso, testified that her life…
New Year’s Resolutions to Keep
                                Start off the New Year with Resolutions for a safer 2015: I will not use my mobile device while driving: It’s time to put your phone down while driving. No message is more important than someone’s life. I will…
Stay Secure Online and In-Store
While some brave malls and big box stores this holiday season, many prefer to shop online. Forbes offers the following essential tips to staying secure online and in-store this holiday season: Online Software Updates: Many hackers attempt to gain access to your information through outdated software. Make sure that every piece of software that you use,…
Online Security – Protect Yourself Against Heartbleed
Security experts have identified a digital bug that is sweeping across the Internet, infecting as many as 60% of websites. Some say it’s the biggest security threat the Internet has ever seen. The Heartbleed bug affects websites that use OpenSSL software. This includes any website with “https” in the URL (the “s” being the important…
Supporting Spinal Cord Injury BC – One Ugly Tie at a Time
Spinal Cord Injury BC helps people with spinal cord injuries get their lives back. The organization provides important programs and services to the spinal cord injury community throughout the province. A peer program helps those affected by spinal cord injuries overcome the challenges of living in a wheelchair. SCI BC also provides information services, connecting…
Overexposed? Review Your Privacy Settings on Facebook
When was the last time you looked at your Facebook privacy settings? You can review what personal information is available to the public by following these steps: Click the Privacy Shortcuts icon in the top right of the Facebook utility bar Click Who can see my stuff? Click View as under What do other people…
Does Your Cell Phone Make You A Target?
Mobile smartphones can be incredibly useful. From built in maps to mobile internet and games, it seems that there's an app for everything. Most phones now come with a GPS built in. Many apps now have access to that GPS and connects users to a location service that provides up-to-date information about their location. But…
Online Safety – Keep You and Your Family Safe
It's been a month since Amanda Todd's tragic suicide. In response, the B.C. and the federal governments have unveiled a new anti-bullying strategy at an anti-bullying conference that took place in Vancouver. ERASE Bullying is an anonymous reporting tool for those who are being bullied or have witnessed bullying. The goal is to create safe…
Cyberbully Victim Granted Privacy
James recently blogged about how to protect your children from cyberbullying and steps you can take to pursue legal action if your child is harmed by a cyberbully. In a new ruling, The Supreme Court of Canada has denounced cyberbullying and allowed a teen to search for her attackers anonymously. This decision is important because…