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sport concussion in kids
September 20, 2016
Kids, Sports, and Concussions
A new sport season is about to kick off and that means all sorts of active fun. But are your kids playing it safe? If they do get hurt, do you know how to identify a concussion? And do you know what to do? These are questions every parent should be asking themselves whenever their…
texting and driving dangerous
September 13, 2016
Hey Kids, No Texting and Driving!
Would you drive drunk with your kid in the car? Of course not! Then why do you text and drive? You’re putting their lives at risk and teaching them a horrible lesson. If they’re drivers or close to driving age, your teenage kids are at risk of doing the same thing. And the results are…
left lane drivers
September 7, 2016
Don’t Hog the Left Lane
Ever head out on the highway and find yourself stuck behind a slow poke rusting away in the left lane? This is the passing zone, not the passing time zone! It’s annoying. It’s frustrating. And it’s illegal. Yes, the sign says “Keep Right Except to Pass” – and it means it!  In BC, the summer…
long weekend drinking driving
August 30, 2016
End Holiday Weekend Drunk Driving
Holidays and long weekends make life all the more sweet. A family gathering, a night out with friends, and all too often, one drink too many. Unfortunately, they also come with a higher number of car crashes related to drinking and driving. Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you are going…
drunk driving in Canada
August 26, 2016
Canada Tops Drunk Driving List
If they were handing out medals for drunk-driving fatalities, Canada would get the gold. But that sobering distinction is nothing to be proud of. In fact, being number one here is a great big zero. This summer, the US Centers for Disease Control released a study on deaths linked to drinking and driving. It covered…
bike safety in city
August 23, 2016
City Cycling Safety
Biking is a great way to get around the city. Whether it’s your daily commute or an occasional outing, peddle power is good for your health and good for our planet. But there are dangers and risks, especially if you’re biking in a city. From the seawall to the vast network of protected bike lanes…
Mobi bikes Vancouver
August 19, 2016
Mobi Takes off in Vancouver
Need a bike? There’s probably one near you that’s ready to ride. Vancouver’s new bike sharing program, Mobi, took to the streets in July and so far it seems to be well received. Stats for the first month are looking good – each bike is averaging three riders per day. That’s out pacing Seattle’s six-month-old…
eating is distracted driving
August 17, 2016
Distracted Driving Not Just Texting
Have you ever been out in your car and caught the driver in the next lane texting? If you're being completely honest, you'll probably admit you've even done it yourself. While texting behind the wheel is a serious hazard to everyone on the road, there are a lot of other distracted driving habits that can be…
food allergy safety
August 12, 2016
Serving Food Allergies Right
Talk about killer service. Simon-Pierre Canuel of Sherbrooke, Quebec has a severe food allergy. A mistake made by waiter at a local restaurant landed Canuel in the hospital.  As he later told the Globe and Mail, “The server had almost killed me.” Caneul was out dining one evening and was served salmon instead of beef.…
driverless car crash
August 5, 2016
Driverless Tesla in Fatal Crash
There are as many as 11,000 motor vehicle accidents every day in North America. But one accident this past May wasn’t your typical car crash. It was the first time someone died while using driverless technology. A 40 year-old Florida man was killed when the Autopilot feature in his Tesla failed to recognize an oncoming truck.…