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July 30, 2012
Driving While Tired Worse Than Drinking and Driving
A new online study conducted in Ontario shows that men are more likely than women to fall asleep while driving. Nearly a quarter of men surveyed said they swerved due to tiredness, and almost a one third said they were worried about getting into an accident because they were tired. (more…) "Driving While Tired Worse…
July 18, 2012
Unsafe Soccer Net Kills Five Year Old Girl
It was a normal summer afternoon in the park for five year old Jaedyn, playing soccer with her family and neighbourhood friends. But then one of the children bumped into a soccer post, toppling the net onto Jaedyn. She was rushed to hospital but died of injuries to the head, The Province reports. "These types…
July 12, 2012
Texting While Driving Gets Teen Two Years in Jail
A Boston judge's unprecedented sentencing hopes to save lives by deterring texting while driving. He sent an eighteen year old driver to jail for two years and suspended his right to drive for 15 years. The teenager was texting while driving. He was not paying attention and crossed the center line. He hit a truck…
July 9, 2012
Vancouver Next For Pedestrian Scramble
A pedestrian scramble doesn't sound safe at all. Yet according to the City of Vancouver, safe is exactly what it is. A scramble crossing features an all-direction pedestrian signal to cut down on collisions in high risk areas. The Vancouver Sun reports that Robson Street will host the first crossing site - another extension of…
July 4, 2012
Blood Test Detects Concussions
Imagine a child suffers a concussion in a football or hockey game. Will the child recover or will there be permanent brain damage? What if there was an immediate, simple, and painless test that answers this question? A Canadian doctor from Montreal has discovered just how to do that -  a simple blood test to detect…
June 28, 2012
Safety on the River
We recently blogged about staying safe while boating on the ocean or a lake this summer. But what about the dangers of boating on a river? Are you prepared for bad weather, accidents, or floods? Fishing is one of the more popular activities that bring people to the water. Take Me Fishing offers some great…
June 25, 2012
Hiking this Summer? Make Sure You’re Prepared
Every year, search and rescue groups respond to dozens of calls on lost or injured hikers. The Province reports of hiker who recently fell nearly 100 meters off a North Shore Crown Mountain trail. Although suffering from a broken femur and tibia, he is more fortunate than many in that situation. Even though this group wasn't…
June 18, 2012
June Is Bike Month: Share the Road
June is Bike Month all across Canada. As cycling becomes more popular the City of Vancouver is working to improve road safety and reduce collisions between drivers and bicyclists. On high risk streets with the most crashes, the City is proposing to build new bike lanes on Commercial Drive, Point Grey Road, and Cornwall Avenue.…
June 12, 2012
Are Your Kids Safe On the Playground?
CBC News recently reported the death of a young Nunavut girl in a tragic playground accident. Police say her clothing got caught on a bungee cord hook that was hanging off some equipment, but she was unable to free herself. While the death was ruled accidental, it's a painful reminder to always do safety checks…
June 1, 2012
Are Your Kids Safe at Home?
As a parent, grandparent, or guardian, you want to protect your children from harm. Over nine million children are admitted to emergency rooms each year for injuries, and over nine thousand of those children die as a result. The tragic part is that many of these injuries are preventable. Recently, nearly 300 instances of children…