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September 10, 2012
Is Your Teen the Principal Operator of a Family Car?
Is it time for your teen to take their own car to school and save you some time? Insurance for a teenager is more expensive. A new driver will pay more for insurance since they don't have the years of safe driving history. A parent might decide to insure the car under their name to…
September 5, 2012
September Is Back-To-School Safety Month
School starts again this week and many people are returning to their daily work routine. This means heavier traffic along with an increase in pedestrians, cyclists, and children on the roads. According to the Vancouver School Board, there are 90 elementary schools and 18 high schools that host 56,000 students, and this is just in…
August 31, 2012
Distracted Driving Means More Than Cell Phones
It's another long weekend for Canada and the U.S., one that often sees lots of travel and traffic. School begins again, and many students use this weekend to move to new campuses. It's also the last long weekend of the summer meaning it's a popular time for road trips. As a driver, often the excitement…
August 28, 2012
Deadly Driveways
Every week in the US about 50 children are seriously injured by drivers failing to pay attention when backing up their vehicles. Kids and Cars reports that two children die every week from "backover accidents." And Canada shares this tragic problem. The Globe and Mail tells a story about a Toronto father who reversed his…
August 23, 2012
Windows Screens Won’t Protect Your Kids From Falling
In the U.S., almost 5000 children fall from windows or balconies each year. In the past year, 23 children under five have fallen out of windows just in B.C. The Vancouver Sun reports of another tragic accident where a two-and-one half-year-old girl died after falling from the ninth floor of a condo balcony. A four…
August 20, 2012
Do Smart Phones Make Bad Drivers?
We've all been there, reaching for our cell phone while driving. Maybe we're texting a friend that we're running late or maybe we're looking for directions or changing the music. An accident could never happen to us, right? But then, one does. And it's our fault since we were driving distracted. To remove the distraction…
August 14, 2012
Drowning is Preventable Say RCMP
Look before you leap! That's what the RCMP is asking from vacationers spending time on the water this summer. Why? Because, there have been 39 drownings in B.C. so far in 2012, three of which occurred over the B.C. Day long weekend. Chris Duffy, executive director for Emergency Management B.C., says that he "has never…
August 9, 2012
FDA Approves New Spinal Cord Clinical Trial
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, has given the Miami Project permission to begin clinical trials on a study to treat patients with paralyzing spinal cord injuries. This ground-breaking study seeks to find a cure and re-establish both function and sensation to patients suffering from paralysis. The Miami Project is the world's most…
August 7, 2012
To Speak or Not to Speak: Verbal Agreements
I've blogged about binding verbal agreements before, but they're worth another look. Most of us have been in that situation -¬†agreeing to something before we know all the details. Verbal agreements you make can be legally binding, even if you change your mind about the terms after making the verbal agreement. In the case of…
August 2, 2012
B.C. Tops List of Canada’s Worst Drivers
With B.C. Day around the corner, our roads will soon be filled with bad drivers. We've all seen them speeding, going too slow, cutting people off, running red lights and failing to yield to cyclists and pedestrians. Is it because they are just bad drivers or is because they're distracted by talking, texting, eating, or…