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November 21, 2012
NFL Gives Mixed Messages Regarding Concussion Injuries
New documentation has now been brought forward showing that the "NFL's retirement board awarded disability payments to at least three former players after concluding that football caused their crippling brain injuries." (more…) "NFL Gives Mixed Messages Regarding Concussion Injuries"
November 13, 2012
Wear A Helmet – It Might Save Your Life
Vancouver has seen an increase in the number of bike lanes this year, and as Vancouver looks to improve its transportation plans for 2040, one area of focus is to continue expanding the city's bike lanes. But what's the use of safe bike lanes if riders themselves won't be safe? Even though it's the law…
November 8, 2012
Football and Brain Damage: Weighing the Risks
The deaths of NFL players Ray Easterling, Junior Seau, and Dave Duerson have drawn a lot of attention to concussions. In particular, they drew attention to the NFL's concussion lawsuits that were prompted by long term effects of concussions. These lawsuits seek compensation for NFL players because of the apparent hidden danger of brain injuries…
November 5, 2012
Don’t Forget to Gain Your Sleep Back
It's that time of year again, one many look forward to: Day Light Savings! On Sunday, yes, we gained back our extra hour of sleep. But many of us celebrated by staying up extra late. And the disruption in our usual sleep patterns may have negatively impacted our concentration and alertness while driving. Studies show…
October 29, 2012
Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween
It's that time of year again. Where kids get to dress up, trick-or-treat, collect candy from friends and neighbours, and stay out late. The Vancouver Sun recently reported a story where a man was caught selling drug-laced candy to children. It's a scary reminder that we must keep our kids safe this Halloween. (more…) "Keep…
October 25, 2012
Kids and ATVs: A Lethal Combination
The tragic report by The Province of a young boy being killed in an ATV accident has once again sparked talks of stricter safety standards for off-road vehicles. The four year old was killed when he was riding with his father and the ATV hit a drainage ditch, flipped and landed on top of them.…
October 18, 2012
Watch Out For The Bus
We're all busy. Life rarely slows down when you want it to, and we tend to rush from place to place. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't slow down while driving from place to place. Creating unsafe driving situations, including speed and disobeying road signs, is a common side effect to a busy life. The…
October 15, 2012
Helmets Protect, Just Not Against Concussions
Sidney Crosby wore one. So did Junior Seau. But both men received concussions while wearing helmets. How come? Well, The Vancouver Sun reports that the short answer is, unfortunately, wearing a helmet does not mean that your brain is protected from concussion injuries. Helmets were designed to protect its wearer from linear injuries, such as…
September 25, 2012
Protect Your Kids From Cyberbullies
Over half of teens have been bullied online or engaged in online bullying. One in three young adults has experienced cyber threats. Gone are the days where bullying was mainly confined to schoolyard taunts or fights. Digital media has introduced new ways for people to connect. From Facebook chat, to text messaging, emailing, MSN messenger,…
September 13, 2012
Hot Cars Kill Kids
As summer comes to an end, it doesn't mean your car is any safer for your children. We've blogged about making sure to check before reversing to avoid backing over a child, but what about the dangers of leaving a child unattended in a car? As school starts up, balancing busy work schedules and your…