October 17, 2015

BC Drivers Need Snow Tires

bc drivers snow tires

While almost all BC drivers believe they should purchase winter tires to prepare for icy driving conditions, only 54% actually plan on installing them according to BCAA’s Winter Driving Survey. Of those not planning to use winter tires, 54% said it didn’t snow enough in the area they drive and 51% believed all-season tires are good enough for winter road conditions.

To address the issue of winter driving safety, the Winter Driving Safety Alliance created the Shift into Winter public awareness campaign. Winter tire information and other useful winter driving tips are available on the Shift Into Winter website. You can support the campaign by displaying Shift Into Winter Posters at work, adding the Shift Into Winter message to your email signature and by sharing one of their social media images on Twitter or Facebook.

ICBC recommends winter tires for driving in snow and ice, especially if you live in area that gets lots of snow. Winter tires prevent sliding on the road and all-season tires lose their elasticity and grip on the road at temperatures below 7°C.

Vancouver snow tires

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