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Slater Vecchio is a boutique plaintiff personal injury law firm located in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

Riding Robo-Bike: High Tech Bike Safety and Security
The New York Times recently published a post to their wellness blog reviewing new high-tech gadgets designed to boost bike safety. In the U.S., the number of bike commuters has nearly doubled in the last few decades. Americans now make four billion bike trips a year. It’s a similar story in Vancouver. According to the…
Supporting Spinal Cord Injury BC – One Ugly Tie at a Time
Spinal Cord Injury BC helps people with spinal cord injuries get their lives back. The organization provides important programs and services to the spinal cord injury community throughout the province. A peer program helps those affected by spinal cord injuries overcome the challenges of living in a wheelchair. SCI BC also provides information services, connecting…
Canadian Women Bring Home Gold!
It's been a seriously impressive Olympics for Canadian women. Early this morning, Jennifer Jones led her team to curling gold against Sweden. It was the perfect ending to a flawless Olympic performance by the Manitobans. Our women’s hockey team followed, winning gold in a historic battle against the U.S. The Canadians were down 2-0 with…
Super Bowl Sunday A Deadly Day for Drinking & Driving
The NFL’s Delanie Walker played for the San Francisco 49ers in last year’s Super Bowl. The 49ers lost the game to the Baltimore Ravens. Walker lost even more. Walker’s aunt and uncle were at the game in New Orleans. On their way home, they stopped at the side of the road and were rear-ended by…
How a Cardboard Bike Helmet Can Protect a Cyclist’s Brain
Cyclists in Europe now have another helmet option to help protect against concussion and brain injury. The Kranium cardboard helmet is the brainchild of London designer Anirudha Surabhi. Surabhi came up with the idea after a bike accident left him with whiplash, a concussion, and a mangled helmet. He figured there was a better way…
Slater Vecchio’s 10 Most-Read Blog Posts. Ever.
As we step into the New Year we thought it a good idea to reflect on the past. Check out our top 10 most-read blog posts with helpful tips and reminders for a safe and successful 2014… 10. Concussions in Soccer - a reminder not to overlook the risk of brain injuries in non-contact sports like soccer.…
New Year’s Resolutions
Nearly half of us will make a resolution for the New Year. But do they work? Surprisingly, yes. At least for some. Psychologists from the University of Scranton conducted research to learn more about behavior patterns associated with New Year's resolutions. They interviewed 400 people at random and identified three distinct groups: those not making…
Avoiding Winter Slips and Falls
Did you know that falls are a leading cause of hospitalization in BC? Vancouver Coastal Health offers winter weather slip and fall prevention advice: Wear appropriate footwear for slippery sidewalks and stairs. Dress warmly. Being cold might cause you to hurry or tense your muscles, both of which can affect your balance. Stay active. Overall…