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Slater Vecchio is a boutique plaintiff personal injury law firm located in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

Stay Secure Online and In-Store
While some brave malls and big box stores this holiday season, many prefer to shop online. Forbes offers the following essential tips to staying secure online and in-store this holiday season: Online Software Updates: Many hackers attempt to gain access to your information through outdated software. Make sure that every piece of software that you use,…
Brain Damage in High School Football
TIME continues to discuss the tragic risks of American Football in their latest issue. A new study from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC says high school football players display notable brain changes, even in the absence of a concussion. The study monitored 24 high school football players between the ages of 16…
10 Safety Tricks to Keep Halloween a Treat
It’s that time of year again where you’ll soon see everything from zombies to princesses. Keep everyone safe this Halloween with these ten tips: Trick-or-Treating: Join your kids until they are old enough to go out with friends. Trick-or-treat in familiar, well-lit neighbourhoods. Choking Hazards: Crafting and DIY costumes are a popular activity for Halloween.…
Congratulations to the 2014 Slater Vecchio Trial Advocacy Award Recipient!
Slater Vecchio and UBC Law are pleased to announce that Kalila Wilkinson is the 2014 recipient of the Slater Vecchio LLP Trial Advocacy Entrance Award. This award was presented on the recommendation of the UBC Faculty of Law. Kalila is a BA graduate (with Distinction) from Vancouver Island University (VIU) in Nanaimo with a major…
ICBC’s 10 Worst Intersections for Crashes
ICBC has released a list of 2013’s top 10 crash intersections in the Lower Mainland, reports the Vancouver Sun. The findings are worth repeating. Burnaby’s Willingdon Avenue on- and off-ramps had the highest crash count at 350 accidents in the year. Six out of the ten most dangerous sites included the Trans-Canada Highway, highlighting the…
Car Crashes Cost $871 Billion a Year
In 2010, motor vehicle accidents across the United States resulted in 33,000 fatalities, 3.9 million injuries, and 24 million damaged vehicles. The total price tag for these accidents? $871 billion, according to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The total includes $277 billion in economic costs for property damage, lost productivity, medical…
Want to Save on Gas? Check Your Tire Pressure
Did you know that Canadian drivers will waste 500 million litres of fuel this year due to under-inflated tires? That’s enough gas to power 275,000 vehicles. It’s costly to both our wallets and the environment, wasting $675 million at the pump and adding 1.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Marketing research group…
Prehabilitation – Preventing Injuries Before They Occur
The Globe and Mail’s Health Advisor column presents an interesting idea. What if you visit your physiotherapist before getting injured as a way to prevent future pain and suffering? We see the dentist every six months to prevent unwanted dental problems. So why not do the same for our orthopaedic health? It’s a concept called…
Online Security – Protect Yourself Against Heartbleed
Security experts have identified a digital bug that is sweeping across the Internet, infecting as many as 60% of websites. Some say it’s the biggest security threat the Internet has ever seen. The Heartbleed bug affects websites that use OpenSSL software. This includes any website with “https” in the URL (the “s” being the important…