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Slater Vecchio is a boutique plaintiff personal injury law firm located in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

Higher Fines for Distracted Driving
Distracted driving fines in BC
On June 1, BC introduced harsher penalties for distracted driving. Are they working? Initial reports from the Vancouver Police Department show that fewer distracted driving tickets were issued in June 2016 than in the previous year – but only by 14%. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. Distracted driving can kill, but it can also hurt…
Drug Driving Suit
Ford has created a ‘Drug Driving Suit’ that simulates the effect of driving while under the influence of illegal drugs. The suit uses ankle weights, padding, goggles, and headphones to demonstrate the physical effect of driving after taking drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, heroin, MDMA or LSD. It simulates slowed reaction time, distorted vision, hand…
Distracted Driver Banned From Driving
A BC driver who received 14 distracted driving tickets in five years is now prohibited from driving in BC. The Richmond RCMP first encountered the driver in early March when she almost collided with a police car. The officer was surprised to find 12 previous distracted driving convictions.  The following week the same driver was…
Police Nab Distracted Drivers
Police officers are taking a bird’s eye view to catch you on your hand-held electronic devices. The West Vancouver Police and North Vancouver RCMP disguised themselves as city workers to spot drivers using their electronic devices. They issued 42 tickets in one day. “It’s not worth it to actually drive your vehicle and be distracted…
Consequences of Distracted Driving
consequences of distracted driving
In 2010 BC banned the use of hand-held electronic devices while driving. Despite crackdowns, distracted driving remains a serious problem. Chief Constable Neil Dubord stated, "BC drivers know it's against the law, but far too many still make excuses for their behaviour, and put themselves and others at risk by using their phone while driving."…
Slater Vecchio Partners with MADD
Slater Vecchio is honoured to be a proud sponsor of MADD Metro Vancouver. MADD strives to stop impaired driving across Canada. In addition to offering support services to victims, MADD educates the public about the dangers of impaired driving. Slater Vecchio partner, James Richards, will be working with Mothers Against Drunk Driving to support upcoming…
Save a Life with CPR
Three years ago, Daphne Hodgins had a cardiac arrest while running. “I don’t remember what happened ... Apparently I stopped running, there was something wrong, fell to my hands and knees and then passed out.” Lucky for Daphne, a fellow runner immediately began CPR and saved her life. But everyone is not as lucky as…
Slater Vecchio Presenting at Upcoming LexisNexis Webinar
On April 6, 2016, Slater Vecchio LLP is presenting at the LexisNexis webinar “Personal Injury Update & Tools To Make Your Life Easier”. This is a CPD-accredited webinar specifically designed for personal injury law in British Columbia. The webinar will also include industry authorities from Dye & Durham, and LexisNexis Canada Inc. By joining this…