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Slater Vecchio is a boutique plaintiff personal injury law firm located in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

Concussion Care Mandatory in Schools
Last week, Mike Holroyd commented on the challenges involved when getting a student back into the classroom after suffering a concussion. His post encourages teachers and school professionals to be involved in the student's recovery. A bill was introduced last week in Ontario that would require school boards to institute a brain-injury prevention and management…
Homeowners Beware: Are Your Contractors Insured?
Here's a BC law that might surprise you. Let's say you hire a contractor to fix your roof. The contractor slips while on the job and is seriously injured. The contractor is not covered by WorkSafe BC insurance. Who is liable for the contractor's injuries? You. The homeowner. Anyone working on your property for more…
The BC Paraplegic Association’s “In the Spotlight”
The BC Paraplegic Association (BCPA) helps people with spinal cord injury and their families adjust, adapt, and thrive in their new lives. They provide answers, information, and unique experiences to those within the community. One of the programs run by the BCPA is the Peer Program. The program provides social connections, educational opportunities, and unique…
Paediatricians on concussions: if in doubt – sit out
In a recent press release, the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) draws attention to the seriousness of concussions in youth sports. An official statement made by Dr. Laura Purcell explains that the brains of children and adolescents are more vulnerable to head injury and recovery times are longer. Concussions need to be recognized and managed appropriately…
Skiing & Snowboarding Injuries Top the Charts for Winter Sports
CTV reports that skiing and snowboarding tops the list of winter sports causing injury. Every winter, more than 5,600 Canadians get seriously injured while on the slopes significant, considering only 1,100 serious hockey injuries were reported in 2010-2011. Head injuries receive the most attention. Last year, 415 Canadians were hospitalized for head injuries related to…
Cyclist Awareness: Making a Right Turn
Imagine you are riding your bike on the right side of the street. A car beside you on your left is traveling the same direction. You are about to head straight through an intersection when the car suddenly turns right directly into your path. The driver does not signal and you have no warning that…
Michael Slater Wins “Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year”
We are very pleased to announce that Michael Slater, a founding partner of Slater Vecchio, has been named "Vancouver Personal Injury Litigation Lawyer of the Year" by Best Lawyers. Best Lawyers is the oldest and most respected peer-review publication in the legal profession. Only a single lawyer in each specialty in each community is being…
Amber Gambler? Not a Smart Bet.
The light turns yellow. Do you stop? Do you proceed with caution? Do you floor it? BC Supreme Court case Ruscheinski v. Biln reminds us that if you can stop safely when the light turns yellow, you must do so. The Plaintiff, Ms. Ruscheinski, approaches a busy intersection. She wants to turn left. She enters…
Can You Sue Another Worker for Negligence?
The law says that you can sue for damages if you are injured as a result of another person's negligence. This is a basic right belonging to all British Columbians. But the Workers Compensation Act says that you may not be able to sue another worker for negligence. Section 10 of the Act says that…