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Sam Jaworski

Sam Jaworski

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Sam joined Slater Vecchio in 2015 after articling and practicing with the Vancouver office of an international business law firm. Sam’s practice is now exclusively dedicated to representing injured plaintiffs.

feet on car dash dangerous
August 30, 2017
Keep Your Feet off the Dash
Whether it’s a short or a long trip, being a passenger in a car can leave you a bit restless. Thinking about kicking back and putting your feet up on the dashboard? There’s only one word of advice for that thought: don’t! Audra Tatum from Georgia thought nothing of it. That was before the crash…
hiking safety BC trails
May 9, 2017
Safe Hiking on BC’s Trails
When it comes to life in the great outdoors, few places on earth are as blessed as BC. With the spring and summer hiking season about to get going, you may be thinking about hitting one of the many hiking trails in our area. There are many to choose from but your first choice is…
safe winter activities
February 28, 2017
Winter Activity Safety Tips
Outdoor winter activities are getting more and more popular. Certainly, the legacy of the 2010 Olympics provided our region with great facilities and a heightened love for all things winter. Whether you’re into downhill or cross country skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, skating, or any other wintery activity, there’s much to do. But there’s also much to…
ski safety tips
January 10, 2017
Be Safe on the Slopes
From Whistler to Silverstar and all resorts and slopes in between, BC is a skier’s and snowboarder’s paradise. Unfortunately, all that shreddin’ and swooshin’ can lead to some severe injuries. Every year, over 5000 Canadians are seriously hurt in skiing and snowboarding accidents across the country. So whether you’re riding hard through 7th Heaven or…
cycling in winter
February 12, 2016
Winter Cycling Tips
International Winter Bike to Work Day and four Canadian cities - Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton - scored in the top ten for participation. Click here to see an impressive map of all the riders. For some Vancouver cyclists, the winter season signals the end of outdoor cycling. Here are some tips to help keep…
text walking lanes
December 11, 2015
Text Walking Lanes
Want to text and walk? Go to Belgium. Digital Trends says pedestrians using smartphones in the Belgian city of Antwerp are now using dedicated "text walking lanes" Like The University of Utah and Chongqing in China, the text walking lanes have been painted onto Antwerp's busiest sidewalks. While this was a clever marketing stunt by…
bc drivers snow tires
October 17, 2015
BC Drivers Need Snow Tires
While almost all BC drivers believe they should purchase winter tires to prepare for icy driving conditions, only 54% actually plan on installing them according to BCAA’s Winter Driving Survey. Of those not planning to use winter tires, 54% said it didn’t snow enough in the area they drive and 51% believed all-season tires are…