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Nicholas Tsoi joined Slater Vecchio in August 2011. Nicholas has represented clients in the Provincial and Supreme Courts of British Columbia and the British Columbia Court of Appeal.

Take Extra Care On Your Drive Home Today
News 1130 reports there is a greater chance of getting into a car accident during your drive home than when you drive to work in the morning. The Canadian Institution for Health Information reviewed stats from accidents that occurred in 2010 and 2011. Nearly 4000 drivers were admitted to hospital between 4 p.m. and midnight,…
Brain Injured NFL Players
Junior Seau took his life in May 2012 with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. A former linebacker for the NFL, Seau played for 20 years with San Diego, Miami, and New England. After his death, his family donated his brain to the National Institutes of Health for research analysis. The report came back positive for chronic…
Helmets Protect, Just Not Against Concussions
Sidney Crosby wore one. So did Junior Seau. But both men received concussions while wearing helmets. How come? Well, The Vancouver Sun reports that the short answer is, unfortunately, wearing a helmet does not mean that your brain is protected from concussion injuries. Helmets were designed to protect its wearer from linear injuries, such as…
B.C. Tops List of Canada’s Worst Drivers
With B.C. Day around the corner, our roads will soon be filled with bad drivers. We've all seen them speeding, going too slow, cutting people off, running red lights and failing to yield to cyclists and pedestrians. Is it because they are just bad drivers or is because they're distracted by talking, texting, eating, or…
Vancouver Next For Pedestrian Scramble
A pedestrian scramble doesn't sound safe at all. Yet according to the City of Vancouver, safe is exactly what it is. A scramble crossing features an all-direction pedestrian signal to cut down on collisions in high risk areas. The Vancouver Sun reports that Robson Street will host the first crossing site - another extension of…
One Punch Too Many?
Nicknamed the "Greatest" in the prime of his boxing days, Muhammad Ali is now fighting a different kind of fight. For nearly 20 years, Parkinson's disease, a degenerative neurological disease, has affected his life to the point where he is barely able to speak. And he's not the only boxer to face this type of…
Concussions in Soccer
Here in BC, we are getting used to hearing about the long term effects of concussions caused in hockey and football. But are we overlooking the head injury risks coming from "non-contact" sports like soccer? The L.A. Times recently shed some light on the dangers of concussions in soccer. The article follows Taylor Twellman, a…
Cell Phones: a Fatal Distraction
Distracted driving is once again in the news, making front page of The Province newspaper on Tuesday. The good news: progress is being made in the fight against distracted driving. The bad news: distracted driving is still the number one contributor to fatal car crashes in the Lower Mainland. Last year, 27 people were killed…
Distracted Driving Kills
A few weeks ago, James Buckley wrote about some of the consequences of drinking & driving. But did you know that distracted driving is now the biggest safety concern on the road today? As of January 1, 2010, BC law made it illegal for drivers to use hand-held cell phones and other portable electronic devices,…