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Nicholas Tsoi joined Slater Vecchio in August 2011. Nicholas has represented clients in the Provincial and Supreme Courts of British Columbia and the British Columbia Court of Appeal.

Gino Odjick’s Fight with Mental Illness
It’s been 12 years since Canucks fan favourite Gino Odjick played in the NHL. He was a left-winger known for fighting, not goal scoring (he scored just 64 goals in his 12 NHL seasons). Odjick spent 2567 minutes in the penalty box, putting him in the 17th spot for career penalty minutes. Today, Odjick's fight is with…
Has the NHL done enough to protect the brains of former players?
A class-action lawsuit has been filed against the NHL alleging that the league has not done enough to protect players from concussions. The lawsuit was filed last week in Washington and now includes over 200 former players. The issue of concealment is at the centre of the lawsuit. As one excerpt reads: "The NHL's active…
The ‘Holy Grail’ of CTE Research?
Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is the degenerative brain disease diagnosed in an increasing number of ex-NFL football players. It's linked to depression and dementia. There is no cure. Until now, CTE has only been diagnosed in post-mortem autopsies. A diagnosis is made when an examination of the brain reveals a buildup of an abnormal protein call…
Is the NFL a League of Denial?
The concussion settlement between the NFL and 6000 retired players has settled. But a new book hitting shelves today is sure to reignite the controversy. How did the NFL spend twenty years covering up and denying scientific evidence linking football to brain damage? This is the question that League of Denial: The NFL, Concussions and…
Why a Few Drinks are a Few Too Many
Three years ago, B.C. lowered its legal blood alcohol limit to .05. For those needing a refresher: Drivers are warned with a blood alcohol level between .05 and .08. This results in an immediate three-day driving ban and a $200 fine. Consequences become more severe if repeat offences occur in a five year period. Drivers…
NFL Settles Concussion Lawsuits for ‘Pocket Change’
The NFL has struck a $765 million deal with the 18,000 ex-players suing the league over concussion-related brain injuries. It's "pocket change" for the league, says NFL retiree Brent Boyd, an original plaintiff in the lawsuit. With the league bringing in around $9 billion a year, Boyd has a point. The NFL has 20 years…
Eliminate the “Enforcer” in Hockey – Save Lives
NHL legend Ken Dryden says that concussions are "the biggest issue" in sports today, reports the Vancouver Sun. Concussions in hockey don't always result from game play but from players fighting. And fighting-related concussions are completely preventable. In 2011, the hockey world was rocked by the passing of Derek Boogaard, Rick Rypien, and Wade Belak.…
Boxing Bans Headgear to Reduce Concussions
Remove headgear from boxing to reduce concussions? Seems counterproductive, but that's exactly what the International Boxing Association has done. BBC Sport reports that researchers believe removing headgear will deter boxers from using their head as a weapon or hitting opponents as hard since they would feel less protected. Headgear also makes the head a bigger…