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Michael Slater QC

Michael Slater QC

About Michael Slater, QC

Michael Slater QC is the founding partner of Slater Vecchio. The majority of his practice is confined to traumatic brain injury (TBI) and spinal cord injury cases.

waiving through traffic
October 11, 2017
Why ‘Nice’ Isn’t Always Right on the Road
When is being nice and courteous not always the right thing to do? When you’re on the road. Waving something through traffic or a busy intersection at the wrong time can cause injury or worse. And it makes no difference whether it’s another driver, a cyclist, or a pedestrian. Following the rules of the road…
legalizing marijuana in Canada driving dangers
April 18, 2017
Driving and Marijuana: A Dangerous Combination?
A recent study in BC showed that among frequent marijuana users, 80% of men and 75% of women admitted to driving after consuming marijuana in the previous month. While some will claim they are “better drivers” when they’re high, evidence says otherwise. According to that same study “acute marijuana use approximately doubles the rate of…
preventing sport concussions in kids
April 11, 2017
Helping Kids Recover from Sports Concussions
You’re in the stands cheering on your kid as he or she is playing their favourite sport, when suddenly, they take a hard hit to the head. You panic, rush to the sidelines, and make sure they are alright. Checking for signs of a possible concussion, you and the coach agree to remove your child…
texting and driving canada
March 14, 2017
Are Distracted Driving Laws Tough Enough?
Marc Garneau was the first Canadian in space, but now as the federal Minister of Transport, he’s blasting off again – this time against distracted driving in this country. Just recently, Garneau came out in support of creating a consistent set of rules and penalties for distracted driving from coast to coast, especially when it…
safe 2017
December 31, 2016
7 Resolutions for a Safe 2017
Every new year means new resolutions. Whether it’s losing weight, saving money, or spending more time with loved ones, it’s good to start the year with new goals. But if you’re tired of the old clichéd goals or don’t want to have to fight the January lineups at the gym, we have seven ideas that…
winter driving in Vancouver
December 13, 2016
Winter Driving Safety Tips
Winter is here and that means making some changes and plans for how you tackle the roads. One little snowflake is so delicate, but a billion of them at once can be deadly. Same is true with raindrops. It may be rare to find ice and snow on streets in the Lower Mainland, but it…
dangers of texting and walking
November 9, 2016
Are You a Petextrian?
Like an army of zombies left over from an apocalypse or a cheesy horror flick, you see them everywhere – people walking around, absorbed in their mobile phones. They’re texting or checking social media but they’re not paying attention to where they are going. Tripping on a curb or bumping into a pole might amuse…
watch for animals on roads
October 25, 2016
Avoid Hitting the Moose
Bears, elk, moose, deer – big wildlife is a reality across a country as large and as forested as Canada. Our highways cut across their habitat, resulting in thousands of crashes each year. In fact, some statistics show that there are 4 to 8 car crashes in Canada every hour involving a large animal. You…
biking at night safety tips
October 4, 2016
Bike Safety at Night
With summer behind us, the days ahead are shorter and darker. If you’re a cyclist in the Vancouver area, that means a change of clothing and a change of mindset. While most other Canadians are locking up their bikes for the season, milder weather on the West Coast allows us to cycle year-round. But biking…
texting and driving dangerous
September 13, 2016
Hey Kids, No Texting and Driving!
Would you drive drunk with your kid in the car? Of course not! Then why do you text and drive? You’re putting their lives at risk and teaching them a horrible lesson. If they’re drivers or close to driving age, your teenage kids are at risk of doing the same thing. And the results are…