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James Richards has been with Slater Vecchio since 1999 and became a partner in 2007. James practices in the area of Personal Injury, focusing on cases involving traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Road Rage Rising
road rage in Vancouver
Have you experienced road rage while driving? If so, you're not alone. Road rage behaviour includes rude gestures, verbal insults, deliberately driving in an unsafe manner or making threats. A recent survey indicated one in three Canadian drivers engage in road rage behaviour, commonly triggered by distracted drivers, tailgaters, cutting people off, taking up two…
drinking and driving
酒驾是愚蠢的。它是危险的。它是违法的。 然而我们还是一直听见关于酒驾的消息。 一篇近期的在《省报》上的文章报道说,素里的一位男士因为在赤列瓦克市(CHILLIWACK)“画龙”驾驶而面临被刑事起诉。当加拿大皇家骑警RCMP的警官迫使这个男人路边停车,这个人手里正握着一瓶打开了的啤酒。更坏的是什么呢?他12岁的儿子正坐在他旁边的副驾的位子上。 根据BC省保险公司ICBC 的数据,在2007年BC 省有128人在设计酒驾的交通事故中丧生。这个数字接近当年全部交通事故丧生人数的三分之一。 关于受伤,近3000的受伤是酒驾导致的交通事故导致的——有些轻伤,有些重伤,有些彻底改变了一些人的命运。 BC省反酒驾团体自1980年早期开始建立。 MADD Canada, 今天最有声望的反酒驾团体,在1990年建立。 (more…)
Cycling to Work
cycling to work in vancouver
More cyclists are taking to the streets of Vancouver. According to ICBC, 99,000 cyclists got out and about citywide in 2014, up from 83,000 in 2013. Unfortunately, BC roadways are intimidating places for cycling enthusiasts, and one of the major hindrances is the lack of safe and direct roadways. A safe bike route may not…
Will Smith’s New Movie “Concussion” Horrifies NFL
will smith concussion movie
This Christmas, SONY pictures will release a film titled Concussion, a drama capturing the struggles Dr. Bennett Omalu endured after discovering a pattern of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) in autopsies of former professional football players. CTE is a progressive, degenerative brain disease that results in a wide range of devastating symptoms including depression, Parkinsonism, dementia,…
Disguised Cops Catch Distracted Drivers
police dress up to catch distracted drivers
Police in Marietta, Georgia are going undercover as construction workers to nab distracted drivers texting, using social media or checking email behind the wheel. Officers are close enough to drivers to see exactly what they’re doing on their phones. The disguised cops pretend to radio in survey information at a busy intersection to catch distracted…
Vancouver’s Cyclists Will Enjoy Safer Streets
vancouver cyclist safety
Recent studies confirm Vancouver is not a mobile-friendly city ranking it 46th out of 122 cities around the globe. However, Vancouver cyclists will enjoy safer road conditions this fall with changes to the BC Motor Vehicle Act. According to the Vancouver Sun, a committee is expected to make recommendations to the provincial government about updates…
Vancouver Cyclists Here to Stay
As the temperature drops, so do the number cyclists. This year however, there are more two-wheeled commuters on the roads of Vancouver year-round. According to The Province, the city has seen a major increase of new cyclists sticking to their bikes even in the rainy, dark winter months. The number of daily mid-week bike trips…
Province Schedules Public Consultation for Stanley Park Causeway
Last February I wrote about how The Ministry of Transportation began surveying the Stanley Park Causeway with plans to reveal a design last spring. Instead, the Ministry hopes to gain more insight from the public during a consultation session. The Stanley Park Causeway is 2.2-kilometres of Highway 99 that connects Vancouver and the North Shore.…
The Rise of the Foldable Bike Helmet
Between 2007 and 2012, 68 per cent of riders fatally injured in a bike accidents without car involvement were not wearing a helmet in BC. Helmets are not only an essential piece of equipment for bike commuters but are also mandatory by law in Vancouver. After the ride is over they can become a hassle to carry around.…
Winter Cycling in BC
Using two wheels as transportation is an easy choice in the summer. Now that we've turned back the clock and nights are getting longer, you’re likely hesitating to hop on a bicycle. Commuting by bike this season doesn't have to be dangerous or unpleasant.  The Vancouver Courier says keep peddling! Here are their four reasons…