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James Richards has been with Slater Vecchio since 1999 and became a partner in 2007. James practices in the area of Personal Injury, focusing on cases involving traumatic brain injury (TBI)

bike safety vancouver
July 5, 2017
Summer Biking Basics
Sun’s out, bikes out, right? It’s a joy to get on your bike and spin around the city – soaking up the rays and feeling the breeze in your face. But before you pedal your way around, it’s a good idea to brush up on your safety tips and know the rules of the road.…
one meter rule
May 23, 2017
Leave a Meter for the Bikes
Biking and sunny days go together so well. Biking and cars, not so much. But as the days warm up and more people get out on their bikes, everyone needs to take safety to heart. Drivers don’t want to run into a cyclist and cyclists dread crashing into an opening car door. That’s why the…
teaching kids to drive
March 28, 2017
Teaching Your Kids to Drive
Handing the car keys over to your teenaged son or daughter is a rite of passage in many families. For some parents, it’s a sad moment. Can you believe they’re actually old enough to drive? And for others, it’s a joyous occasion. Finally, someone else to run errands or pick up grandma at the airport…
Vancouver bike lane safety
September 27, 2016
Life in the Protected Bike Lane
Cities all over the world are making a switch from lines of paint to fully protected bike lanes. Whether separated by a concrete curb, a row of plants, special fencing, or even a row of parked cars, many cities are setting aside designated bike paths so cyclists don’t have to contend with dangerous drivers and…
bike safety in city
August 23, 2016
City Cycling Safety
Biking is a great way to get around the city. Whether it’s your daily commute or an occasional outing, peddle power is good for your health and good for our planet. But there are dangers and risks, especially if you’re biking in a city. From the seawall to the vast network of protected bike lanes…
biking Granville Island
July 29, 2016
Curbing Bike Theft
After a nice long bike ride, you pop into a café to grab a quick coffee. You lock your bike, order a latte, and head back outside. Your bike is gone! Someone has cut your lock and stolen your wheels. Bike theft is a big problem in Vancouver. Police say on average nine bikes are…
Bike Safety Mountain
June 14, 2016
Mountain Biking “Shred Safe” Campaign
When you live in a land of mountains and active people as we do in British Columbia, you’re going to find a lot of mountain bikers. Unfortunately, that also means there will be a few accidents and injuries along the path. Reducing injuries is what the Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) “Shred Safe” campaign is all…
road rage in Vancouver
February 4, 2016
Road Rage Rising
Have you experienced road rage while driving? If so, you're not alone. Road rage behaviour includes rude gestures, verbal insults, deliberately driving in an unsafe manner or making threats. A recent survey indicated one in three Canadian drivers engage in road rage behaviour, commonly triggered by distracted drivers, tailgaters, cutting people off, taking up two…
drinking and driving
December 4, 2015
酒驾是愚蠢的。它是危险的。它是违法的。 然而我们还是一直听见关于酒驾的消息。 一篇近期的在《省报》上的文章报道说,素里的一位男士因为在赤列瓦克市(CHILLIWACK)“画龙”驾驶而面临被刑事起诉。当加拿大皇家骑警RCMP的警官迫使这个男人路边停车,这个人手里正握着一瓶打开了的啤酒。更坏的是什么呢?他12岁的儿子正坐在他旁边的副驾的位子上。 根据BC省保险公司ICBC 的数据,在2007年BC 省有128人在设计酒驾的交通事故中丧生。这个数字接近当年全部交通事故丧生人数的三分之一。 关于受伤,近3000的受伤是酒驾导致的交通事故导致的——有些轻伤,有些重伤,有些彻底改变了一些人的命运。 BC省反酒驾团体自1980年早期开始建立。 MADD Canada, 今天最有声望的反酒驾团体,在1990年建立。 (more…) "饮酒与驾驶:事实与数据"
cycling to work in vancouver
September 25, 2015
Cycling to Work
More cyclists are taking to the streets of Vancouver. According to ICBC, 99,000 cyclists got out and about citywide in 2014, up from 83,000 in 2013. Unfortunately, BC roadways are intimidating places for cycling enthusiasts, and one of the major hindrances is the lack of safe and direct roadways. A safe bike route may not…